Vacant NL
    Where architecture meets ideas

Dutch Pavilion/Venice Biennale

Curators: RAAAF, Barbara Visser, Jurgen Bey, Joost Grootens and Saskia van Stein Graphic identity: Studio Joost Grootens
Spatial design: RAAAF

Fueled by the awareness that in 2020 the Dutch government strives to attain a position among the top five knowledge economies in the world while being confronted with a growing vacancy rate of then15% the exhibition opened up the potential of these buildings. The creative industry is one of the five key elements underpinning in this ambition of the government.

Our reasoning was that this transition to a knowledge economy required not only excellent research and education, but also specific spatial conditions, to enable and support new connections between

different professional fields. The exhibition Vacant NL proposed using these vacancies in a new way, and more specifically for innovation within the creative knowledge economy. Simultaneously questioning when a country is full (of empty) in light of the rise of populism.


Photos: Rob ‘t Hart