Intensive Care.
    Architecture and Design in Healthcare

Bureau Europa

Curator: Saskia van Stein
Graphic identity: Studio Lennarts & de Bruijn
Spatial design: Saskia van Stein

In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, architects and urban designers played an influential role in the fight against dangerous pandemics and infectious diseases, such as chol- era and tuberculosis. They contributed to a ‘hygiene wave’ through their architectural designs, used less poruis materials, engineered water and sewage systems and designed in- ner-city green spaces. Healthcare innovations and the spatial translation thereof can be historically traced one-on-one. What ‘intensive care’ challenges await us in the 21st century? How will pandemics or prosperity diseases influence our cities? Could we design for psychological social issues, such as loneliness? How understand or prevent global inequalities in access to healthcare? This exhibition examined the impact of technological acceleration, architecture and design in relation to prevention and selfcare in healthcare to (hacking) patents and privatisation in the pharmaceutical industry.


Photos: Johannes Schwartz