Real Imaginary Futures


Curators: Lukas Feireiss, Lara Schrijver, Institute of Relevant Studies (Giovanni Innella, Agata Jaworska), Piet Vollaard, Roosje Klap, and Saskia van Stein
Graphic identity: Atelier Roosje Klap (ARK)
Spatial design: Lukas Feireiss and Saskia van Stein

COMING SOON: Real Imaginary Futures was an exhibition about this desire for an imaginary reality: an eclectic overview of utopian efforts, stories, and practices through the history of mankind. An extensive archive of illustrative examples, particularly from Western cultural and visual history, provided the basis for a genealogy of utopian images and ideas. In addition, a cinematographic “DocUtopia” was developed using (historical) references from literature and architectural elements in film.


Photos: Johannes Schwartz