My Practice, My Politics

Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague
Salone del Mobile, Milan

Curators: Saskia van Stein, Agata Jaworska
Graphic identity: Yacinth Pos
Spatial design: Erik van Schaften, Maria Beaumaster, Tijs Struijk and Aliaksandra Pirazhenka

The personal is political. Whether explicit or implicit, there is an embedded political dimension to everything we do. The exhibition aims to expand our ideas on political modes of expression.

My Practice, My Politics portrays the way in which artists and designers capture their views on society through the subject matter they explore, the language and tools they employ, the aesthetics they manifest, and the communities they engage. Through a wide array of artistic practices, My Practice, My Politics conveys manifestations, interfaces and exchanges between the individual and the societal.

Photos: Tijs Struijk and Medina Resic