Common Carnaval


Curators: Gable and Romy Roelofsen (Het Geluid) and Saskia van Stein 

Common Carnaval was a project by, for, and with the citizens of Maastricht, those born in the city as well as refugees and newcomers. A project combining forces and deployed artistic, design, and creative processes which introduce newcomers to local traditions and rituals.

What opportunities lie herein for our community? Common Carnaval received local and national attention* and raised questions about how we shape the notion of coexistence in our city. With the arrival of refugees and newcomers in Dutch cities, the meaning of the ‘co-’ in coexistence is more critical than ever.

*After an expression of support from Mayor Penn-te-Strake,
a large number of public and private organisations contributed to Common Carnaval, including iArts, Stichting Elisabeth Strouven, Tout Maastricht, Code 043, iArts Maastricht Not Just A Number, Het Geluid Maastricht, Fashionclash COA, Bureau Europa, Zuyd Hogeschool, Gemeente Maastricht, Provincie Limburg, Stichting Kanunnik Salden, de Tempeleers, Vluchtelingenwerk, Jongerenraad Maastricht. Common Carnaval also worked with the designers Ebby Port, Dear Hunter, Jonathan Vos Photography, Studio Noto and FashionClash.


Photos:   Jonathan Vos