Domestic Affairs
    The house is a home to the paradox

UABB Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture, Shenzhen, China

Curators: Agata Jaworska and Saskia van Stein
Graphic identity: Design Displacement Group
Spatial design: Atelier Roosje Klap (ARK) 

By delving deeper into the interior, the exhibition Domestic Affairs tries to understand the paradox of precarious labour conditions and modes of production in their social, economic and political impact. The selected designers give meaning

to their work beyond the mere commodity. Their practices should be understood as cultural signifiers of change: the in- corporation of local materials and cultural narratives, a notion of context that empowers communities, aided by collective thinking and circular economies, co-production schemes or the establishment of parameters for open source design tools.

Further blurring the boundaries of interiority, the exhibition Domestic Affairs, the house is a home to the paradox. mani- fests these changes as they are captured through the house and the goods and services that reach into and extended from it.


Photos: Lard Buurman